Why Dentists Don’t Get More Referrals

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Patient Referrals
Dentists I speak to tell me they are frustrated with a low percentage of new patients from current patients. They become stressed out wondering why. It’s simple: Those dentists are unwilling.

They are unwilling to simply ask. The common belief to successfully getting referrals is “I will pass out my business cards. That will surely solve my problem!” That’s if they remember to have them on their person when needed.

Another thought is: “Well, that’s something I will just pass on to my staff. That’s their job.”

How well is that working? In most cases, it is not working.

The way to fix this is to look at a referral request and referral gifting program as a major component of your dental practice’s marketing strategy. As a consequence, you must set aside time each and every week to practice “the ask”. You must routinely work on how you will ask for referrals and how you will gift those who provide you with them.

Dentists: rather than whine you must take action. You must go to your patients and say “I would really appreciate your help. If you valued and enjoyed the care you received here, I want you to send your neighbors, your family and your co-workers to us.”

Do you have a patient referral program in place? If so, please share your experience in the comments below.

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