Dental CEO’s How Different are You? (Part 2)

by Dr. Ron Arndt

While the analogy is not as stark as the one I described last week, it seems to me that in the “sea-of-sameness” and mediocrity, we must be strategizing our business model in ways that allow us to distinguish ourselves from others.

how to make your dental practice stand outSo how are you different from “the other doctor’s offices” in your community?

Below are some suggested questions to either ask yourself and/or your entire team at a monthly meeting. I believe you will discover the answers are more challenging to come by than you might think.

  • What do you do or how do you behave that sets you apart from the others?
  • How do your patients/guests make the distinction between you and the others?
  • What in your 15-second elevator speech attracts a prospect to you?
  • Describe what is uniquely YOU in your marketing materials and marketing initiatives?
  • Where do you educate your team to be “different?”
  • When will you devote at least 50% of your CE budget to “soft skill” training?

How Different Are You?

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