Is Everyone on your Dental Team a Detective?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

dental team best practices for customer serviceAs a “Secret Agent,” certified by the DiJulius Group, I have encouraged my clients to establish a special system in their practice that takes advantage of Visual and Auditory cues from their patients…guests (a term coined by my client, Dr. Imm). That is, every member of the team needs to be a DETECTIVE to be on the lookout for those “things” (preferences, life values, and/or preferences that are impactful for your guests).

We become detectives for F.O.R.D...

  • F (family)
  • O (occupation)
  • R (recreation…things that interest your guests)
  • D (dreams and desires)

Just like my daughters, Ashley & Brianne, who identified what Dad values and appreciates (as I shared in my last post) and then either delivers that or supports that or acknowledges that is what F.O.R.D. can do for your practice. Imagine if you instituted a system (if not already in place) where you collect important information about your guest’s family, occupation, recreation interests and their life dreams and then address these important elements with them when they are visiting your office? It’s called relationship building.

Your practice will be like no other in your area…GUARANTEED.

I know most will say: “This is common sense and we do all that and our patients love us.

Coach Ron says: “Common sense is uncommonly practiced.” Why not take an inventory to determine how consistently you and your team F.O.R.D. your guests and what do you do with it?

Want more? If you really want to learn and care…Simply ask me for more.

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