When is Okay, Okay in a Dental Practice?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

dental practice management coachingRecently I had a coaching call with one of my very professional and very quality-oriented clients regarding what is acceptable performance in his office. He has a talented team. He has high expectations. He felt he has shared those expectations with clarity to his team. However, the day before he was to deliver a comprehensive treatment plan and consultation with one of his patients, he was presented with these ‘diagnostic and professional’ mounted study models by one of his clinical staff.

I ask you (if you are a dental professional reading this…perhaps even if you are not in the dental field):

  • Do they look ‘Okay’ to you?
  • Do you think my client thought they were ‘Okay’?
  • Do you believe they would be ‘Okay’ to use to present quality dentistry to a patient?

When is Okay, Okay in our professions? I hope never.

What advice would you have to share with my client on how to handle this situation in his practice? What would you do to make certain a lackadaisical attitude does not permeate your team?

If you are interested in taking my simple “Is Okay Okay?” assessment, click here.

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