How to Make your Dental Practice Unique

by Dr. Ron Arndt

What can you do in your practice to make it unique…make it different…make it the place where people want to receive their dental care? If you don’t care then there’s no reason to read the rest of this.

However, if you have a strong Service DNA, consider creating a Secret Service Allowance for each and every one of your team members. Give them an allowance of between $25 and $50 every month that they MUST spend on your guests/clients/patients in any way they deem to be helpful – a way to express gratitude or to make up for a service defect.

Examples of uses for this Secret Service Allowance:

  • Gift card to Starbucks for running behind schedule.
  • A practice anniversary gift.
  • Cookies by Design for a guest’s birthday.
  • Movie tickets to the guest that was cooperative during a difficult procedure.
  • A bottle of wine for completing a large case.

What other ideas can you come up with? I would love to hear them in the comments below, or on my Facebook page.

Here’s a thought: “Don’t ask the customer what they want. Give them something they cannot live without.” I’d call it genuine care, service and attention.


  1. Fred Hecht says:

    Great approach to keeping your business alive in these interesting times with little or no additional expense ty Ron//Fred Hechtn