Dental Practice Management can be FUN

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I recently had the opportunity to spend two very productive days with one of my remarkable clients, Dr. Pat Thompson and his energetic and close-knit team.  I was able to observe them in action for a full day followed by another full day of Annual Goal Planning.  While client assignments like this can be grueling, I came away more energized than when I began my visit.  This is a group of people led by a very charismatic dentist who wants to grow his business and at the same time empower his team.  After our two days of planning together he capped off our time together with a dinner and cocktail party complete with Karaoke; video games; ping pong; and a lot of FUN.  When I think of my experience with this wonderful group of people I identified several reasons for their success:

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1.  When you operate from your Core Values and Vision your success is imminent.

2.  Laughter and fun is the antidote to stress and the Thompson team were great teachers.

3.  The key to making our way through this “interesting economic environment” is couched on maintaining close connections between the team and doctor; the team and the patients, and that is why the Thompson team has as its theme for 2009: “Success Through Relationships”.

4.  Investing in ones self is the best place to direct your resources…the ROI is priceless.

5.  When creating an environment for your dental patients, the more you can make it like home the safer we feel.  As soon as I entered their office I could smell the aroma of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.  They actually do the things we read about in the journals.

By the way, Dr. Pat is an amazing Karaoke singer and he has a wonderful talent to get his team to sing in harmony.









  1. Kathy Dawson says:

    Ron, what a wonderful adventure you will have with your daughter! One of the best ways I know of recording memories is through journaling. I would by a very fun-looking (maybe tropical) journal and at the end of each day, write your reflections of your time with your daughter. When you are back home, I’d wait a few weeks to allow the vacation re-entry dust to settle and then present her with the journal.

    Just as an aside, one of the things I’ve done with my daughter is I have been writing to her throughout her life, and now, when she comes home from college, the journal awaits her, under the arm of her favorite stuffed bear, “Espe.” She has told me that she looks forward to reading the latest entries each time she comes back home.

    Bon Voyage!