Dental Practice Management and the Biltmore Home

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Trish and I had a wonderful time visiting the Biltmore Home in Ashville

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, North Carolina.  Imagine this: it has four acres of floor space; 250 rooms; 33 family and guest rooms; 43 bathrooms; 65 fireplaces; three kitchens; and an indoor swimming pool…and it took 1,000 workers, laboring 10-hour work days, 6-days a week for 6 years to complete.  When the then, 33-year old George Vanderbuilt moved into the home, it was Christmas eve 1895!  Extraordinary wealth.  What made the visit to the mansion so amazing were the tour guides and every one of the current employees of the Biltmore Home that we came into contact.  Never a frown–always a smile; never a “I can’t do that”, rather, let me help you; never an uninterested demure–instead a warm greeting and a desire to make our stay extraordinary



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