Dental Practice Management & A Speedway Gas Station

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Just like many dental practices, Speedway gas stations can be found aplenty all over the midwest.  Often times several in a community.  The same is true with dental practices…often times several in a community.  However, what causes your patients to select you out of this plethora of dentists in your community?  What makes you stand out?  What’s different about you from the others?

For years I have gone out of my way to “fill-er-up” at  my local Speedway gas station store #3392.  I’ve been known to drive past other gas stations with only fumes in my tank in order to get to “MY SPEEDWAY.”

  The question is why would I do this?

  1. The outside looks like most Speedways
  2. They all offer those wonderful Speedy Rewards

  3. I have the same chance to win
  4. They all have mulch for sale ($2.39 a bag) in the spring and in the fall those plastic-wrapped bunches of firewood

  5. And you can buy low-fat milk when you run out and don’t want to go to the grocery store

The answer to the question is simple:  It’s Eileen Waite; Tiffany Pawloski; and Fed Limpert and the rest of their crew.  It’s their people.  It’s how they treat me.  It’s the smile on their faces.  It’s their willingness to help me in a way that says, “I care.”  Here are a few more reasons why I will risk running out of gas to get to “MY SPEEDWAY”:

  1. Their bathrooms are clean
  2. They are genuinly friendly
  3. They TRUST me and don’t presume I will drive away without paying…I get to pay the exact amount that I pumped rather than having to give them a $50 bill then pump, then come back in to get my change

  4. And Eileen addresses me as “honey”…and no, I do not find it harassing or inappropriate…I find it fun, warm, and caring (by the way she says that to all her customers and we all love it)

My question to you: what are you doing to make your patients think of your dental office as “MY SPEEDWAY” to the extent that they feel and talk about “MY DENTAL OFFICE” to their friends with the same passion?  My friends at Speedway bestgas, Ohio can teach us a lot on how just the simple things like a smile; a warm greeting; a sense of caring; a feeling of trust can be all it takes to make a dental practice stand out from all the others. 

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