Dental Practice and Tanning Salons

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I coach my clients to be distinctive; to be different from others; to set themselved apart from the norm.  I also coach them that it does not require wildly expensive; time-consuming; and difficult projects or initiatives.  Rather, make it simple; personal; and “connect” with your customer/patient.

Case in point:

  I asked my wife what she wanted for her Birthday (I finally gave up on the “nighties” and slinky outfits that she never wears or buying things that are the wrong size…I know you get the drift) and she told me.  One of the items on her list was a series of tans to use in the winter to prepare her for our vacations.  I went to the place we have gone to for the past several years Xtreme Tan

.  Over the past year the new owners, Charlene Scavnicky and her

husband purchased the business from a previous owner.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  They smile when you walk in the door and immediately engage you in conversation that results in lots of laughter. The facility is “spotlessly” clean.  Their products are intriguingly arranged in a way that invites purchasing questions.  Charlene asks questions to learn about “me”.  The tanning beds really tan and in a short time so I suspect the bulbs and the mechanics are routinely maintained.  Just the ambiance of the place is inviting, bright, and fun.

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When I was purchasing the gift package of tans I explained to Charlene that this is a birthday gift to my wife and I was getting EXACTLY what she wanted.  Much to my amazement, Charlene smiled and said: ” awwwh, your wife is so nice, please allow me to ADD an additonal tanning session as my gift…and no charge of course.”

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  On the surface, no big deal.  After I thought of how masterfully Charlene delivered this gift and did it from the heart, I realized this is a BIG deal.  She touched not only my heart, but my wife’s as well.

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So what does this have to do with our dental practices?  A LOT!  Rather than discount fees, what can you add as a PREMIUM?  Just like Charlene, she delivered exceptional customer care with the ambiance of her facility and then went the extra mile to add value to the experience. 

  • What can you add to the experience in taking care of your patients? 
  • What needs to be done to upgrade the “welcoming factor” to your practice? 
  • What can you do to get your patients to write unsolicited testimonials like this one about your dental practice and team. 
  • Why not take the time with your team to ask these questions to discover if there is room to enhance your customer relationships.

If you want to fly to North Ridgeville, Ohio to get treated like a V.I.P.  at Xtreme Tan or if you want to speak to this magical lady

Charlene, you can call her at 440-353-0123.

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