Dental Coaching–A Dental Blog with a Coaching “Twist”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Coaching is not about “telling” people what to do. Rather it is about asking the questions in such a way that the answers that are resident in you will come to the surface. My tag line is “no one is as smart as all of us” speaks to this concept. When any of us have challenges, major obstacles, strife in our business or life we often feel lost and rudderless…unable to find a solution. Sometimes we feel hopeless and desperate. For my readers, I want you to know I have discovered the answers are found in the questions…and so have my successful clients.

This Blog will be dedicated to posing an idea or comment followed by asking the questions

that, if you read the question, ponder it’s meaning, and then answer to yourself or as a comment here…you will discover your amazing brilliance. You will discover ideas from this Blog as well as within yourself that are certain to provide you with a new direction; a new feeling of strength…a confidence; and a much brighter outlook on the success of your business and your life. This Blog is for you and I invite you to become engaged. It’s amazing at what happens when someone takes ACTION.

IDEA: With the power of thought comes the ability to think positively or negatively.

Question(s): What can you do when you find yourself falling into the trap of “stinking thinking”? What have you done in the past that has worked well? How much has your positive thinking added to the success of your business?

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