Dental Coaching–A Dental Blog with a Coaching “Twist”

by Dr. Ron Arndt


Don’t start economizing when you are down to your last dollar. I speak with dentists who tell me their business is off 30 to 40 percent. When I ask them what they are doing about this situation. Many times they tell me: “I’m cutting way back on my marketing and cutting my staff hours.” I shake my head in incredulity. Why would someone choose to reduce the critical investments (marketing and service) that have more positive impact on the business than any other? I see the practices that have weathered this recession; the ones that have met and are exceeding their projections are the ones who have strategically invested in their marketing and team training. Period.


How successful is your current marketing program in generating interest in your practice? Where is your major emphasis–external or internal? What percentage of practice receipts have you allocated to marketing? What are you doing to track the return on investment for each marketing initiative?

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