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by Dr. Ron Arndt


Look for the niche in life that will make you the happiest

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. It appears that so many people in so many jobs/careers are “disengaged” from their work. You see it in retail, in corporate America, in the grocery stores, and often in dental offices. Those people who seem to be just “floating” by simply counting the minutes on the clock when they get to go home. In my coaching with my clients I am continually coaching them to be on the lookout for the “engaged” employee. You know them. They are the ones who do more than asked; their smile is part of their uniform; they want to be of service; they ask questions; they want to grow personally and professionally. They are happy and joyful in the idea that they get to make a difference for others. They found their niche that enables them to light up a room when they enter.

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How well am I describing you?

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