Dental Coaching–A Dental Blog with a Coaching “Twist”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

IDEA: Do less, be more!

Do you ever find yourself going, going, going? Do you find yourself attempting to DO more things in less and less time? What would it be like if you simply would “BE” in the moment?

Take the time to smell the roses…or whatever project or interaction you are currently engaged in doing. My Mac, the infallible Mac, just erased ALL the addresses to ALL my 1,600 contacts on my system. I found myself all flapped and doing all kinds of “stuff.” However, when I paused and centered myself in the moment and allowed myself to “be” I have come up with a simple solution and now I feel more at peace. At least I stopped pulling out my hair.


what can you do to do less and be more? More observant to the miracles around you? Be attentive to your spouse and tell him/her how much you love them. Be grateful as you know someone has bigger challenges than you. Be willing to look at things differently. What do you want to “be” when challenges arise as they will each day? What would be the value if you behaved differently?

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