Dental Coaching–A Dental Blog with a Coaching “Twist”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

IDEA: I’ve been writing about the Broken Window concept.

These windows can be actual broken windows or metaphorical. When looking for these broken windows they don’t have to be big things. Typically they are small things that are noticed in a BIG way by your patients. They are those seemingly unseen or innocuous items that are easy to walk past. Like the pile of cigarettes that someone decided to dump in your parking lot right at the front of the entrance to your office; the loose handle to the front door; or being put on hold for what seems like an eternity. All giving ideas to the perceptions your patients are developing about you.

QUESTION: What are your patients perceptions? Are you guessing or do you really know? What is your attitude or the attitude of your team members when they see this pile of cigarette butts in the parking lot? “That’s not my job!” or “hey, I need to get out there with a shovel or broom and clean up this mess…it is a bad image for us?”

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