A Dental CEO’s #1 Challenge

by Dr. Ron Arndt

The number one challenge facing my dental coaching clients? Staff! Every day, I am coaching them around ideas to get staff to show up on time; to contribute to the expansion of the practice; how to motivate and terminate; and how to generally be more productive to the practice.

For many years, dentists thought that cash bonuses, higher salaries and an expanding menu of benefits was all it took to motivate staff. Research over the past decade, however, confirms something else.

The two motivational factors most mentioned by employees were not salary and benefits; but rather an interesting job and recognition for doing that job well.

Recognizing and rewarding team members for a job well done is no longer a luxury. It is a basic requirement for strong teams, higher productivity, and a more effective practice.

Here are a few simple ways to recognize your dental teams.

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