How to Demonstrate Total Caring for your Dental Patients

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Success TipsWhat are the implications to you and your practice or business of the message shared in my last blog post?

I believe they are HUGE.

Rather than be like Mr. Horgan’s FORMER dentist, why not invest in low or no cost ways to pamper and demonstrate to your guests that you really do care? How about this suggestion:

Make your 2013 business focus – Total Caring for Our Guests! I believe that what we Think About and Thank About Comes About.

Here are a few ideas to demonstrate “Total Caring” for your patients/guests:

  • Daily send out two handwritten notes to patients of record.
  • Compliment team members in front of guests.
  • If you keep people waiting, inform them of the situation and how long it will be. Consider adjusting their fees by 5-10% if waiting over 20 minutes.
  • Children receive their own Welcome Letter.
  • Coffee for guests ready every morning with flavored creamers.
  • Team members have family photos throughout the office.
  • Give routinely…pain medication prescription.
  • Offer your personal phone contact to guests who might need you post-operatively.
  • Give all your attention to the guest in the chair.
  • Have jumper cables for batteries that die.
  • Do patient surveys routinely.
  • Take pre- and post-operative photos and send them to guests at end of treatment.

What other ideas do you have to pamper your guests? Please share them below.

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