Applying Customer Service Excellence to your Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

So what does the real-life customer service story I recently shared here about Jim Lomis Creating Delightful Experiences have to do with the practice of dentistry or any business for that matter? I’ve excerpted a few comments below to demonstrate how they can apply to YOUR business.

Dental Staff Success TipsSuggestion: Take the time to print this off and at your next team meeting, honestly ask your entire team to discuss openly.

  • “Delivers his service” – Service IS the only distinctive competency between good and great. What is yours really like?
  • “…showing visiting and local guests a Cleveland they never knew existed! To add a touch of uniqueness and fun” – What specifically are you and your team doing to make visiting your business uniquely fun and different so your guests say, WOW, I never knew this kind of service existed!
  • “…demonstrated the vibrancy of Cleveland” – How are you and your team projecting the “vibrancy” of your business/practice?
  • “…we were greeted by this remarkable smile, an extended hand of welcome, and a level of enthusiasm and excitement that set the stage for THE BEST documented tour experience had ever experienced.” – How are you and your team really creating the BEST experience in your practice/business? Its experiences that sell joy and delight, not perfect fillings.
  • “…explanations and questions that had the crowd energized, involved and wanting more.” – When guests leave your business, are they energized and wanting more from you and your team?
  • “…He invited questions, asked us what we wanted, showed us the unexpected, and had a refreshing positive sense of humor…” – How well are we listening? How well are we asking questions to find out what our guest wants?
  • “…had spent considerable time on my website learning about my business, what I do, who I serve, my background, and blended all this information into his information delivery.” – What kind of “detectives” are we in learning about our guests and using this information to deliver communication that nurtures strong and lasting relationships?
  • “…stood at the door and personally shook passenger’s hand and thanked them for allowing him to serve.” – How often do you “touch” your guests and thank them for choosing you?

Jim’s behaviors of courtesy, care and concern blended with a warm smile, the touch of a hand and a sense of humor, cost so little and deliver so much enjoyment. He has given us the keys to creating service excellence that, when applied, will assure you of being different, delightful and demanded by discriminating guests.

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