The Most Critical Element for a Successful Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business VisionThis week, I wanted to address what I feel is the most critical element to building a successful and fulfilling practice – business. It’s pure gold! I believe that success lies in what we declare as our values.

Values are those guiding principals that identify, for each of us, what is “right” and “wrong”. For me, they are very personal. They are the principles I hold as “truth” against which I make my decisions, what I perceive as “right” and honest, my list of all that is important to me, something I prize and has a positive influence on my life, they are what I hold dear and strive to live by each day.

Below are some steps to consider when identifying YOUR business and life core values:

  1. A core value is something I have chosen freely and with consideration for the consequences of my choice.
  2. A core value is something I prize greatly and has a positive influence on my life.
  3. A core value is something I want to publicly affirm.
  4. A core value is something I am willing to act on.
  5. A core value is something I would repeat…if given the circumstances, I would respond in the same way.

Many dentists will tell you this is all just a bunch of right-brained, “fluffy” stuff. I challenge you to evaluate yours. I have discovered for myself, as well as my clients report back to me, that sometimes our values get knocked out of whack and that’s when we get into trouble. The key is to come back to them and you will be amazed at how you can quickly become centered. 

This is life and business-changing if you will only take the time to do it!

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