The Most Critical 72 Hours

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Setting Dental Staff Accountability
In most dental offices, this is what happens when a new employee is needed:

  • The Dental CEO tosses a short ad in the local newspaper
  • Hires someone with 18-20 years experiences
  • Points them in the general direction of their work space and blurts out: “Get to work and go get ‘em!”

And… that takes care of the hiring, training and orientation.

Successful dental practices spend the necessary time with new team members. Studies show that organizational bonding occurs within the first 72 hours.

I coach my clients to invest early in staff members. Educate them, help them feel part of the team and give them tools for the job – in that critical first week. One idea is to ask each current staff member to take the new team member out to lunch each day that week (the doctor’s treat, of course). This makes the new staff member feel appreciated, acknowledged and supported.

When you take better care of your employees, they take better care of your patients.

When we model positive new behaviors, we create possibility for others to change their behaviors.

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