Create a Customer Service Revolution

by Dr. Ron Arndt

WOW! Recently I attended the 2012 Secret Service Summit here in Cleveland, Ohio. The focus of The DiJulius Group and this Summit is to change the world of business by creating a customer service revolution where building a service culture in your practice or business sets you apart from all other like or similar businesses.

By creating an environment where changing the mindset of the team members and elevating an organizations customer service is not an event or a flavor of the month, but rather the magic pill to operating a fun and profitable enterprise.

providing outstanding customer serviceWhen we arrived, we had a number on our nametags that designated the table where we were to be seated for the Summit. It is always fun to meet new people and learn about their varied careers. Our table, #34, seated 6 and I had spent a lot of time with the five who were seated with me. About three minutes before the event was to begin, in walks an elderly gentleman with a big smile on his face and a plate of warm cinnamon bread that he had brought just for our table.

This man melted our hearts as he described how he likes to do this on a regular basis for the stylists at John Roberts Spa and wanted to do the same thing for his new friends. Amazingly, Mr. Larry Gould is an 86-year-old life insurance advisor who had more energy and wisdom than any of us combined.

Mr. Gould modeled Secret Service by providing “surprise & delight” when totally unexpected. This elegant man represented the best of delivering service.

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