Create a Simple System to Build Dental Patient Relationships

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Distinguish Your Dental PracticeAs I mentioned in a recent blog post, one of your not-so Secret Weapons to setting your practice so distinctively apart from all the others in your community is to incorporate personal note writing into your daily marketing initiatives. They are fun to do, INEXPENSIVE, one of the most personalized connections you can establish with your guests to your practice, and the ROI is huge.

When I speak with the majority of dentists and their team, I hear similar comments:

  • “We don’t have time now for another thing to do.”
  • “We’re already too busy.”
  • “That’s a waste of time.”
  • or here’s a good one, “Well I need to be sincere before I do that.”

All disguises for laziness and inattention!

Creating a simple system of sending daily personal correspondence will serve to be one of your best relationship builders in your practice.

You and your team will convey a message to your patients that you care enough about them to take the time and recognize them as an individual who is important to the practice. A handwritten note tells the recipient that they were on your mind and that you value the relationship. If only 0.7% of all mail is personal letters, you will stand out among the crowd as unique and different and caring.

How can you find a more cost-effective, heart-felt, and incredibly personalized way to grow your practice while having fun all at the same time? Here are a few tips to help you set up your simple and measurable system of recognizing guests to your business:

  • Discuss with the team the high priority you are placing on staying personally connected with your guests. Create your Vision!
  • Expect each team member to hand write and mail out at least 2 notes per week to establish your goal. Measure it weekly.
  • Have one team member be the leader of this project.
  • Create a small office logotype stationary that will enable all to send off short and quick notes.
  • When you write, focus on a positive event, thought, or idea related to that guest.
  • Have plenty of notes handy throughout the office and each team member should have a stash to take home for when they think of someone outside the office.
  • The power of the success lies in its sincerity.

Taking time to do handwritten notes may feel like a struggle, but the benefits can be huge. If you are looking for something that makes your dental practice stand out, this small, inexpensive detail will set you apart. A note to say “I appreciate you” or “I enjoyed my time with you today” or “Thank you for being a great patient” or “Happy Birthday” or even “Just because” demonstrates that you want to give your patients the personal service that they are so hungry for.

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