Corporate dentistry is but one model of care…could it be for you?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

I have supported, on a P.R.N. basis, a young dental doctor beginning his private practice. To generate income to support his family, he is working, in the interim, at a corporate dental facility. In addition to delivering patient-centered quality care in his private practice, Dr. Tom’s focus is to deliver extraordinary guest service as well as grow his team through positive recognition and acknowledgement. As one of the lead doctors in this corporate facility, he received an interesting communication from the owner prior to their Morning Huddle and he passed the communication off to me for my review:

core values for dental ceos

Coach Ron, The hardworking staff at this (Corporate Dental Facility – will remain unnamed) work 13 &14 hours each day, no lunches, for industry low pay, with no dental benefits, no 401k matching, etc., etc. They still produce $130k per month operating with two assistants, two front desk administrators, and one doc everyday. This is our inspirational morning huddle message from corporate. Have fun laughing like I did.
Dr. Tom

NOTE: Below is the exact message with the exact language, spelling and choice of words. The only thing modified is the name and location…

The following message is from “The Owner”: “ABC” location needs to improve and improve quickly – if we are going to constantly worry about patient’s pocket and not about their dental health – we will continue to have days with less patients and low production. I know that you all work hard and want to have great days just as much as me but if you are unable to educate patients to make dental needs a priority – it indicates to me that something is stopping you to be successful when the time comes to take an action. Please call me tomorrow and let me know – what is that things which is stoping you to gain same day full mouth Tx acceptance from patients. Daily observances: National Tradesman Day. Employee Signature acknowledges the review of today’s huddle information (ALL STAFF)

There you have it…makes you feel warm all under doesn’t it?

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