Dental Patient Customer Service

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Success TipsHow persistently consistent are you in the delivery of service to your patients? Typically, when I coach around this topic, I hear: “Oh, we do all that.” “We really take good care of our patients.”

Really? Then why is it that the average dental practice retains less than 41% of their new patients? What is the possibility that we are overlooking opportunities to set our practices apart from the others up and down the street? The distinctive difference between you and all the others is persistently consistent patient/guest care. It isn’t your product.

Why not take an inventory…

  • Of how you are consistently answering the phone: with a smile & joyful voice offering help and support ALL the time?
  • Taking whatever amount of time is required to sit in a confidential space and discuss financial arrangements with your guests before treatment is scheduled ALL the time.
  • Gathering psychographic information on all your guests ALL the time so you will know about their special interests, birthday’s and anniversaries.
  • What other unique and relationship-based behaviors are you willing to build into your office service culture that you will do ALL the time?

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