Why Communicating “Enough” Is NOT Enough!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Practice Communication Tips
I see Dental CEOs all of the time spout phrases like:

  • I’m tired of talking!
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • I don’t want to insult their intelligence by clarifying too much.
  • Quiet time is a good thing!

I want you to take these action steps to measure if you are communicating too much, talking too much, asking too many questions, etc.

  1. Hold “Morning Huddles” with your staff daily. They don’t have to be long, but they do have to be consistent.
  2. Share your key practice measurements, numbers and goals with your entire team once a month. This is called Open Book Management.
  3. Give clear directions (even if it takes longer). At the end of the conversation, ask “What is your understanding of the task?”
  4. Tell your spouse how much you love him/her! (For more tips on spousal communication: 93 Tips to Create Long Term Relationships)

Now, how do you feel? Do you feel that you wasted a lot of time?

Or – did your team work together better? Did your spouse tell you how wonderfully brilliant you are?

The lesson: It’s impossible to over-communicate! Too much is never enough!

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