My Child, My Teacher

by Dr. Ron Arndt

setting core values for a dental practiceMany years ago, my favorite, oldest daughter, Ashley, gave me a gift. If you have had little kids, it was one of those “hand-made” school gifts that was an assignment from her teacher. In her 4th grade handwriting and multi-colored crayon she had written:

Dad, that you are alive today is an indication that GOD has something yet for you to do.

She put it in a plastic frame and presented it to me. It hit me like a brick!

  • What was I yet to do?
  • What was my purpose?
  • Why am I here?
  • What are my Core Values?

Because of Ashley, now one of my most valued life teachers, I have declared my PURPOSE and CORE VALUES in my life and repeat them daily. Have you set core values for your dental practice? I would love for your to share them in the comments here, or on my facebook page.

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