The Value of Checklists for Your Business

by Dr. Ron Arndt

How likely is it that you can remember everything all the time? What would be the value of checklists for your business?

A client was upset with her chairside assistant because, routinely, something was missing from the set up and during the majority of procedures the assistant had to get up, leave the room and retrieve an instrument or supply item. The doctor was going crazy! I coached the doctor to work in concert with her chairside to create a checklist that would assure that the necessary items were ready and available. Problem solved! Click here for example protocol.

I had another client whose team members contacted me very upset about the haphazard way their Morning Huddles were conducted. No structure, no direction, and no one really never knew what was to be accomplished in this early meeting time and they were directionless during the day. I coached this team to develop a checklist-type of Morning Huddle agenda with specific measurables and identify a Huddle Cop that would lead and orchestrate the checklist process. Problem solved! Click here for an example.

I welcome any ideas you have for additional checklists you have used successfully in your practice. Please share in the comments below, or post to my Facebook page.

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