Take Care of Your Team and They Will Take Care Of You

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental practice work life balance
Whatever you do, don’t ignore the small contributions that each individual team member makes to the success of your dental practice.

Each team member contributes to the practice in unique, profitable ways. I challenge you to devise a system that allows you to reward team members in the way that best fits their personality. Some employees enjoy the limelight; therefore, they will appreciate being recognized in front of the team at the next Morning Huddle. Others appreciate a gift certificate for two movie tickets. Whatever you do, take care of them.

Take one minute and ask each team member what you can gift them to make them feel appreciated. Incorporate those ideas into your plan for rewarding employees. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated. In fact, they need it.

BONUS: Treating your team members the way you want them to treat your patients, attracts additional patients. A win-win for everyone!

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