Do You Think I Care What You Have To Say?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

You bet I do! For all fifteen years of my Coaching practice, twice a year I have surveyed my clients. I want my coaching services to be world-class, legendary, and 5-star. That’s what sets me apart from others. It is my distinctive competency and anything less than this standard is an opportunity for growth.

The survey results are in and here is a brief summary of what my clients had to say:

1. How well is Coach Ron meeting or exceeding your coaching expectations?

Dissatisfied: 0%
Satisfied: 0%
Completely Satisfied: 100%

2. What value do you place in Coach Ron creating the “Eagles Nest,” a private Facebook page for team members to glean “best practice” ideas from other practices in our coaching family?

No Value: 0%
Little Value: 37%
Very Valuable: 63%

3. How responsive has Coach Ron been to your needs (i.e., extra calls, document review, resource information, support with your team, etc.)?

Dissatisfied: 0%
Satisfied: 0%
Completely Satisfied: 100%

4. What do you most value in our coaching relationship and why?

  • The opportunity to develop ideas and bounce them off an experienced expert.
  • Experience, wisdom and honesty.
  • Consistent excellence.
  • The feeling that there is always someone in my corner who understands me.
  • I depend upon your candid, even painful, insight to keep me on track and away from preventable dangers.
  • Personal relationship and how well Coach Ron knows my strengths, my weaknesses, my personality traits and me.
  • Your balance and clear-headed thinking.
  • Your availability, the expanse of extra materials and ease with which they are received and your openness.
  • Encouragement and a person to exchange ideas with.

5. How well do you believe the presentation of your Simplified Business Plan to the Mastermind Group prepares you for the FUTURE of DENTISTRY?

  • The plan is useful in articulating my goals and plan for the future. Who knows what hidden traps and ploys from others this may keep me from.
  • It is “essential” to my survival.
  • It keeps your clients focused on future visioning and possibility thinking.
  • Awesome idea! It has really stretched my way of thinking and planning for the future.
  • This business plan idea has continued to open my eyes to existing ideas and other ideas that I never even considered.

What have I learned and what ACTIONS will I take as a result of the survey?

  1. I need to remain vigilant and be certain I “under promise and over deliver.”
  2. My private Facebook page, Eagle’s Nest™, needs more of my attention and to set a timeline as to when to pull the plug if interest does not grow.
  3. Acknowledge and recognize my clients for their support, love and loyalty. As a consequence, I have prepared a special gift for them all.

Action Item for This Week: have you surveyed your clients (and patients) yet this year? If you need ideas on how to do this, I’ve got you covered, here.

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