Be the Candy Man – Offer Spontaneous Rewards!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Be The Candy Man Offer Rewards!
Things that get rewarded and recognized are repeated!

What behaviors do you want to see more of? How do you create the environment to see more of these behaviors?

Here’s a thought: When someone does something outstanding, particularly something outside his or her “regular duties”, it warrants special recognition. These can be small acknowledgements that remind the team member of your appreciation and gratitude. Do this and guess what? You are likely to see this behavior repeated.

  • Keep a treasure trove of simple little gifts available for spontaneous rewards.
  • Visit the dollar store and load up on all kinds of goofy little gifts.
  • Have $5 and $10 gift certificates available to pass out spontaneously.
  • Keep a stash of small boxes of chocolates in your desk.

Regardless of the reward, the acknowledgment is powerful and the impact is beautiful.

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