Who in your business can you ROMANCE?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Now, before you get your shorts in a knot and presume that I mean “really romance,” what I really mean is what are the possibilities that there are team members, patients, or vendors that you can or need to acknowledge and recognize in some fun, easy, simple way?

Imagine if you took the time to “catch people doing things RIGHT” in your business. Imagine acknowledging people for taking great care of your patients, customers, or clients. Imagine receiving multiple referrals from those you serve. How can you “METAPHORICALLY” romance these important people?

Dental practice work life balanceHere are a few ideas for your consideration:

  • Tell team members why they are important. People who understand that their efforts make a difference to the success of the team want to make sure their team “wins.” Let everyone know how important they are – everyday!
  • Include your patients, vendors, and anyone who enters your practice. Let the world know about the achievements of your team. Another certification? Brag about it. Going the extra mile? Brag about it. Tell everyone about your great team!
  • Include your community. Let your local and professional communities know about the great things your team has accomplished. Put their picture in the paper or in a wall display in the waiting area.
  • Remember important dates. Birthdays are expected, but do you remember when each person joined the team? Make a note on your calendar or in the computer. When their anniversary pops up, write a short note, give them a gift certificate, or a special mug. They will appreciate you remembering their special day.
  • End team meetings with a round of acknowledging STAR actions.
  • Leave notes of appreciation throughout the office in unexpected places (i.e., the refrigerator or by the time clock).
  • Give an ABCD Award. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.
  • Holiday shopping and wrapping can be tiring. Hire a personal shopper to help with the shopping and wrapping for one week.
  • Energizer Bunny® Award. Use a pink bunny to recognize the achievement of specific goals that required someone to keep going, and going…

Who in your business will you ROMANCE this week?

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