What a Bunch of CRAP…

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Yep, that is what I have heard time and time again over the years from clients when I insist that they develop, write out and share with their team their Business CORE VALUES. “Coach Ron, this is nothing more than an outdated corporate-world bunch of ‘crap’ to expect that I should do this nonsense“…is a common theme I hear.

setting core values for dental practiceAround Christmas time, I received a plea for help from a ‘former’ client who admonished me years ago for insisting he formulate these Governing Values for his practice and team. As he explained his conundrum, I asked him to pull out his list of CORE VALUES that had been conveniently filed in a desk drawer.

When I asked him to read them out loud, several jumped out for him: honesty and integrity, give my best always, each of us is our own manager, and speak impeccable words. Here were his final words to me:

Coach Ron, after all these years, I had no idea why you wanted me to do this exercise and at this very moment, I now realize that these Guiding Principles are the solution to all my problems and certainly to my current challenge. I now have the solution to my difficulty and can I come back to work with you?

While all my coaching seats are currently occupied, he immediately realized the value and the power of having his CORE VALUES as part of his practice Vision and culture. So, no…having written CORE VALUES is NOT a Bunch of Crap!

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