A Boneheaded Reason Why You Can’t Find the Right Employee

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Building the right dental staff
Some of you remember when you were single and your married friends offered up opportunities to fix you up. (If you have any funny stories to share, I’m all ears!).

I remember those days, and I found the one question my friends failed to ask me was: “What are you looking for?” In their defense, I failed to determine that, as well. I never said “Here is what I am looking for.”

Is it the same way today when you hire new talent?

Create a picture of your ideal hire. What do they look like, sound like, and act like?

It is easier to find the right hire when you visualize the right person working with your team.

Share that picture with everyone you know. Get inexpensive business cards made up with your Ideal Employee Profile on it.

P.S.: When I did this with my dating life, I found the most magnificent women to share my life with. Hey, this stuff really works!

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