Behaviors that get Recognized and Rewarded get Repeated!

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental practice work life balanceOn a recent mastermind call with seven doctors, several raised the issue of how frustrating it is to get team members to follow through on requests. They discussed how systems were instituted and implemented for some period of time and then a team member unilaterally decides to no longer follow the prescribed protocol only to find the doctor incredulous!

When I asked them how they acknowledged their team members when they did follow through on established office systems, I heard…

“That’s their job and they should know to follow instructions. Why do I need to pamper them?”

I suggested that the #1 frustration I hear from dental team members is that their doctor does not appear to value, recognize or appreciate all they do for the practice. What’s the disconnect here? Doctors are frustrated because employees aren’t dutifully following every instruction and staff members feel unvalued. I believe the essence of leadership resides between these two conundrums.

Behaviors that get recognized and rewarded get repeated!

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