Become a “Meat and Potato” Dentist

by Dr. Ron Arndt

After I killed my dental practice, re-vamped my strategies, fired all of my employees and re-launched my practice, my life began to immediately improve. I had ample time to spend with my two daughters, my wife and myself. My dental practice was still operating in the top 5% of offices nationwide, so I knew I was doing something right.

Prior to my heart attack and the idea to kill my practice, I was performing every service and procedure in the book. I was not particularly passionate about denture procedures, but I performed them anyway.

When I re-launched my dental practice, I began practicing “meat and potato dentistry.”Most of our patients do not want, need or are willing to pay for high-end cosmetic procedures or full-mouth rehab. By realizing that my best strategy was to focus on being a family practice – the one that serves moms, dads, the kids, the grandparents and the neighbors – I could maintain simple, quality, comprehensive oral health care for my patients.

My final 5 years in practice were my most profitable. What services are you currently offering that only a handful of patients are taking advantage of? Is it costing you more to offer and market those services than you earn in profit?

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