Avoid The Staffing “Scramble”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Avoid the Staffing Scramble
Few dental offices have a system in place to make hiring a process that attracts, develops and retains talent. Generally hiring turns into a crisis when the doctor and team “scramble” to find a suitable person.

I’ve seen this happen with my Dental Contact Coaching© clients, when replacing a team member comes as a surprise and the doctor is ill prepared for this sudden open position. Vacancies appear in a dental office for any number of reasons: termination, maternity leave, spouse transfer, household move, health issues, and the list goes on.

Dentists who fail to evaluate staffing needs frequently fall into financial trouble. Their profitability falls, expansion capital evaporates, and they experience lost productivity and increased hiring costs. Vacancies, for any reason, need to be evaluated carefully before any decision to hire can be made.

For 2012: Calculate your “complete” staff costs in both real dollars and as a percentage of total overhead costs. Compare them to industry benchmarks to determine if your practice staffing levels are appropriate to your dental practice’s productivity.

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