How to Avoid the Dental Hiring “Scramble”

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Tips on How to Increase Team Accountability
When is the last time you hired someone in your dental office? Was it a smooth process where you took careful time to evaluate candidates; had your team make recommendations, had the potential employee come in for a trial day? Did the hiring process do its job of attracting, developing and retaining talents?

My guess is: Probably not. Generally, hiring is a crisis where the doctor and team “scramble” to find a suitable hygienist, chairside or appointment coordinator. In many instances, replacing a team member comes as a surprise—the team member often announces their leaving unexpectedly. The doctor is ill-prepared for this sudden opening.

Dentists that fail to evaluate staffing needs often fall into financial trouble. They discover their profitability falls, capital for expansion evaporates, and they experience lost productivity and increased hiring costs. Vacancies, for any reason, need to be evaluated carefully before any decision to hire can be made.

Stay tuned for my next post on how to avoid this scramble in your dental office!

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