How Do You Attract Talent to Your Dental Practice’s Team?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental Business Vision
In the job market of 2012, our focus must be on attracting the kind of people we want to work with us. Remember, as THE DENTAL COACH©, I want you to work with people who believe in you, like you, and behave like you. This person has to live and breathe your Core Values and Vision.

It all sounds good, but how do you find them?

  1. Identify where people that you want to hire “hang out”. There are the dental training programs at local community colleges, but what about the grocery store? Day care centers where moms drop off their kids? What about the coffee shop? What do these people read? Who do they know? Are they on Facebook? Are they in professional dental associations?
  2. Start planting seeds: When talking about your dental practice, focus on telling vs. selling. Talk to everyone you know about your practice, why you do what you do and what makes you different.
  3. Offer a Team Bounty: Provide incentive for your current team. They are the best untapped source of new team members. They have friends from their training programs, friends they hang out with in the same circles. Studies prove that employee-referred candidates tend to be higher quality and stay longer than other hires. (If you give a $250 bonus to a current team member who gives a referral, you’re getting a great deal!)
  4. Announce position openings at your next networking meeting: If you are a member of BNI, Toastmasters, or your local Chamber of Commerce – announce the opening as you’re doing your 30-second commercial.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

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