Attitude is EVERYTHING

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Had my haircut today at Lori Stefanec’s Barber Shop by a young lady unknown to me.  I came to learn she is recouperating from a near-fatal motorcycle accident.  The result of this mishap, she broke her back; neck; hand; rib through a lung; jaw broken in 2 places and reconstructed; and serious brain damage.  Doctors told her not much chance of any “normal” life.  She gave herself 2 years to prove her doctors wrong. She is nearing 3 years since her tragic accident and she was cutting my hair!  She went back to barber school to retrieve her skills.  What I came to understand is she was committed to retrieving her life

.  I was moved by her story and not once was there a negative comment; no reflections on her bad luck; not even a hint of a “pitty party.”  Rather, this is a young lady eager to get on with life; get healthy (in whatever form that may mean to her); and to raise her daughter.  She is an inspiration…and I have never been pampered in the barber chair with so much care and attention. You see, she doesn’t move particularly fast and her speach is slow and deliberate.  It was great because she was really focusing in on taking care of me.  Her demure, her talent for “connecting” with her patrons, and her warm smile made me not want to leave the chair.  She made me feel very special and she was determined to make this old man look good after his haircut.

Moral of the story: just when you think you have it bad…talk to the person sitting next to you on the bus.  In my case, it was my young barber Heather.  She reminded me of a lesson I need to revist from time…”I complained and complained about having no shoes until I met the man who had no feet.”

We have a lot to be grateful for in our lives and I thank Heather for being a wonderful teacher to remind me to live out of an attitude of gratitude.

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