Dental Coaching: Arizona Profitability Roundup

by Dr. Ron Arndt

One of the many advantages of being a professional Dental Coach is the amazingly close relationships that are developed between the client and the coach. Intentionally I have kept my coaching practice limited to only eight doctors so that I can under promise and over deliver by going “much deeper” with our work.

Recently I helped one of my very successful clients, Dr. Gary Imm facilitate our first Arizona Profitability Roundup. We invited five of my clients to be willing to “trust” and “share” with other clients in dissecting their financial statements and learning under the tutelage of Dr. Imm, how to increase the profitability of each doctors practice. The interaction was very open, supportive and as you can imagine revealing.

The rules of the game were simple: you had to disclose your numbers, be vulnerable, and be willing to learn and teach at the same time. The outcome was unlike anything we’d ever experienced.

This group came together as strong as the most tightly knit family. We helped each other better understand where we needed to grow our business, and where to reduce expenses, and we learned about what are the most critical numbers to track. In the end, everyone was illuminated to being better businessmen and stewards of their leadership responsibilities.

And, when you think learning can’t be fun, just watch this short video, and tell me who looks bored.


  1. Dr Ron,

    You have such inventive and interesting ways of coaching with your dentists! Keep up the fun in coaching!