How to Apply the Ten Foot Rule to your Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

What are the implications for you as a Dental CEO regarding the message I shared last week? This Dental Tip (if you apply it) will enable you to enhance your office culture, have more patients choose to have their dentistry done by you, enrich your team’s morale, make you feel better, encourage staff retention, and make you a lot of money…AND it will cost you NOTHING!!

enhance dental team communicationsIt’s called the Ten-Foot Rule, so coined by John DiJulius of the DiJulius Group, the author of the book, What’s The Secret.

Just like saying GOOD MORNING had a magical effect on shifting my day from funky to spunky, the Ten-Foot Rule will have the same impact on your business and on every member of your team.

It’s remarkable in its simplicity and like I said, it costs nothing. Are you ready for this?

Tomorrow morning you declare to your entire team that, from this time forward, every time and any time (no exceptions) you are within a ten (10) foot vicinity of any human being in your office, you acknowledge them with a hello, a nod, a positive comment, a pat on the back, a simple smile, a “high-five” – ANY form of greeting that lets them know you see them and know they are a living human being. No looking down. No ignoring. No looking away pretending like you never saw this person. No looking straight ahead like a zombie or like you just got out of bed. You give your own positive version of Good Morning…even if it is afternoon.

  • There are no exceptions!
  • There are no excuses!
  • Even if you just saw, spoke to, or interacted with this person only moments earlier!
  • And it starts with the Leader of the business!

improve dental staff retentionCoach Ron’s One Week Request: Everyone in the office (Doctor included)…no matter how silly, stupid or ridiculous this 10-Foot Rule sounds, is expected to behave with this new approach. Do this and I promise you that you will notice the following:

  • It will enhance your office culture
  • You will have more patients choosing to have their dentistry done by you
  • You will enrich your team’s morale
  • It make you feel better
  • Encourages staff retention
  • It will make you a lot of money!

Lest you tell me I’m nuts or worse yet, unsubscribe from my incredibly valuable blog, JUST DO IT! Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.

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