How to Apply Standards to your Dental Practice

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Creating Standards for a Dental PracticeCarve out time for you and your team to address challenges facing your practice. Ask them to list the issues holding you back or creating upset in the office. Bring this list to your “morning huddle” and prioritize and get to work on them. Once identified, determine what will need to be done to raise the standards and then measure your performance.

What I see frequently in dental offices are weak standards on the following:

  1. Patient hand offs.
  2. Recommending needed treatment.
  3. Communication between team-doctor, each other, and the patients.
  4. Patient scheduling and issues around failed and short notice cancellations.
  5. Creating a fun place to work.

What are yours?

Now, what are you willing to do and by when? Tackle one at a time and create your own measurables and see how establishing new standards will enhance your business.

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