How to Add Thank-fullness to your Personal and Professional Life

by Dr. Ron Arndt

practicing gratitude in your dental practiceHere are several ideas for you to recognize and “be present” with the good fortune you have in your life. With your permission, I’d like to offer up some simple, seemingly common sense and innocuous ideas for your consideration to add Thank-fullness to your personal and professional life:

  1. Look in the mirror and thank YOU for all you do and have done for your family, others, those you serve, and yourself! I know you may think I’m lame yet, after surviving a heart attack at 41, I have had to learn to love ME before I can be of value to others. It’s called being SELF-FULL.
  2. Purchase some Post-It notes (get the 4×6 ones) and write love notes: why I value you, what makes you so attractive, what about you makes me smile, what I am proud about you, and any other thing you can acknowledge to your spouse and kids. Put them on the fridge, in the shower, in the underwear drawer, under the windshield wiper of the car, or simply mail it to them!
  3. Craft and send a “Just Because” note to every member of your team…addressed to their spouse where you thank them for all they do for the practice, even though you know it takes away from their family and personal life.
  4. Send an “I am Thankful to YOU” letter to every one of your guests/patients/clients. Nothing long and overly mushy…just an “I appreciate you.”

What step will you take and by when? You know in your heart that Thank-fullness is NOT an option!

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