A Dental Team members Plight–Can You Help?

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Recently in my Tuesday Tidbits

I discussed the value and importance for dentists to take the Leadership and the time to acknowledge their team to recognize their contributions.  It’s good for morale; it’s good for patients; and it’s good for the bottom line.

As a reply to my Tuesday Tidbits

post I received the following plea from one of my dear dental auxiliary friends.  As a dental coach, I am requesting your comment; suggestion; and feedback so we can use a community of thought to help my friend.  Read what she sent me and then write your suggestions in the comment box below.

“How about a way to deal with a boss that will not handle a bad apple in the cart. We have been dealing with a bad apple in the cart for several years and we must be approaching him the wrong way. There are 7 of us that are so feed up. We all give 200% and the bad apple barely gives 50% on a good day. We just want him  to know how unhappy we are with the bad apple. We have approached him as a group but it seemed not to work and he felt ganged up on and really hasn’t said anything to us since.  He has also not said anything to the bad apple to improve her. Are we at a lost cause?”

What would you advise?  Comment below…

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