5 Tips to Keep Morale Up

by Dr. Ron Arndt

The holidays are over…. no more long vacations or fun parties to attend. We have all returned to our regularly scheduled programming. What happens for dental CEOs during this time is that employee morale goes way down. Here are my 5 tips to keep staff spirits up, even after the holiday decorations go down:

  1. Make Other Days a Holiday: Celebrate not only employees’ birthdays but other special days, like the anniversary of their first day at your office. Think of silly days to celebrate, too, like National Ice Cream Day. The camaraderie that a holiday brings to your office makes for an engaged, pleasant staff.
  2. Make It Cozy: Designing a comfortable, pleasing office space is more than interior decorating. Simply having comfortable chairs and pretty wall paper won’t change the office morale. Make other, small adjustments like bringing in fresh baked goods and letting the smell permeate, or allowing for more natural light by opening blinds.Smile! As a Dental CEO, your attitude directly affects your staff. Workers read the boss’ mood for clues about job security and performance. So, smile often and crack good-natured jokes.Have a blast! Surprise the team one day and take everyone out for a fun afternoon. Avoid the hum-drum luncheon… take the staff out for a game of laser tag at the arcade or for a round of indoor mini-golf. Nothing builds morale faster than letting loose and playing games!
  3. Get your “people engines” revving: Think of the top most passionate and inspiring staff members you have. Now, use them to keep the rest of your staff focused, motivated and happy. Use them as ambassadors or mentors to the rest of the group.

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