The 5 Magic Steps for Creating a Successful Relationship With Your Accountant

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Dental office receptionist new patients
Remember, as the CEO of your dental practice – you must think like a business owner, not just a clinician.

  1. Get it together: Gather your monthly information and provide in one complete package to your accountant rather than delivering scattered information in bits and pieces. That way is inefficient and costly. Establish a system that allows you to do this, like scheduling it on your calendar as an appointment.
  2. Be honest: Finances are sensitive and intimate, but please, provide your accountant accurate information. Concealing what you perceive as problems will hurt you more in the long run.
  3. Make quick decisions: Arrange to review your financial statements with your accountant as soon as he or she has completed them. This will enable you to make fast decisions.
  4. Pay up on time: This is one person with whom you don’t want to be in arrears. You want to remain a “high priority” client.
  5. Meet as a group: Include your accountant, financial planner, estate-planning attorney, business banker and spouse (if applicable). Everyone is responsible for and affected by a different area of your finances, so make this a team sport.

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