by Dr. Ron Arndt

Is Your Dental Practice Killing You?

The title of my book, , resonates with so many dentists. Other dentists, however, fail to believe that their practice is really “killing them”. I’m not knocking you – hey, I was the same way! – and then I had a heart attack at 41 and had to change my business practice.

Your dental practice is killing you if:

  • You lie in bed, worrying about the practice, thinking things like: How will I bring in new patients? and  Can I trust my team?
  • Your spouse wants a date night, your kids want a play date, your doctor wants you to exercise more and all you can think about is the balance sheet
  • No one can do anything as good as you can, so you have to do it all yourself

So, if reading those statements made a lightbulb go off in your head, how do you save your practice – and ultimately, yourself?

  • Develop Core Values. Base your practice and personal life around them. For more info on Core Values, to see my recent post
  • Evaluate your business practices. Are you offering too many services that are bringing in too little revenue? Look out on Thursday for my post on “Meat and Potato” dentistry and why it works.
  • Dream and envision what you really want your practice to look like

These are just a few of the things you can do. Remember, killing your practice is an all-or-nothing approach…. so you must be really dedicated to transforming the way that you live your life, run your and define your legacy.

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