4 Ways to Bring in New Dental Patients

by Dr. Ron Arndt

How will you attract new dental patients to your practice? How will you convince them to drive past the other offices in the neighborhood and right onto yours?

I’ve written before that there is no magic pill for bringing in new dental patients. As THE DENTAL COACH©, I have worked with many clients who tell me: “I just want more patients – without going through a lot of steps or spending unnecessary dollars.”

So what do you need to do as a Dental CEO to bring in new patients? Market with empathy. You have to understand the state of mind of your potential patient, and then they must sense that you know what they need.


1)      Most patients pay little attention to their oral health until they really need to. Therefore, using marketing phrases like “Have healthier teeth” is not nearly as effective as “End your oral pain.” Write your marketing messages in plain English and focus on the “pain” (pun intended).

2)      Get permission from your current patients and use “Before” and “After” photos to show the impact you make. Visual is always better.

3)      Define and locate your target audience. Marketing experts are always telling business owners to “pick a niche”. Identify your patients by their demographic and base marketing messages on that audience. It will also be a more effective use of your marketing budget if you focus on one or two “groups”.

4)      Monitor your practice marketing campaign. Make it a team event, and review the analytics and results semi-annually. Make adjustments as needed, by getting input from the entire team. See my previous post on Open Book Management for more ideas on this.

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