3 Ways to Provide Exemplary Customer Service for Dental Patients

by Dr. Ron Arndt

New Dental Practice PatientWhat is the possibility that things like this happen in your dental practice or business that, quite frankly, are not your fault yet the customer, patient, guest is inconvenienced due to no fault of your business?

  1. A guest’s credit card was declined. Do you embarrass them in public by blurting out that their card was declined…after all it is not your problem that they don’t have a handle on their finances? Your Zero-Risk approach would be to present the guest with a courtesy card, discretely suggesting another form of payment and no one is the wiser.
  2. Your day has been inundated with emergency care of others and you are not ready to take your guest at the scheduled time. Hey, it’s not your fault so many people got toothaches over the weekend. We need to take care of them! Your Zero-Risk approach might be to empower your administrative team to simply say: “We apologize for this inconvenience. I’m putting a $35 credit on your account and feel free to enjoy a cup of specialty coffee at our comfort station while we are getting your room ready.”
  3. Guest leaves to discover she has a dead battery in her car. Hey, It’s not your fault she doesn’t maintain her car but she is elderly and has no one to pick her up. Your Zero-Risk approach might be to take out your set of jumper cables you keep handy for these kinds of emergencies and jump start her car to get her home, offer to drive her home, or call AAA and offer her a specialty coffee while she is waiting for service.

Where can you provide legendary service for those situations where it is not your fault, yet, because it is your problem you have a solution?

This can leave your guests saying and thinking, “WOW, What amazing customer service!

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