3 Simple Steps to Hire An Accountant

by Dr. Ron Arndt

dental practice growth tips
Reviewing your financials is not an annual event. It’s not a project that needs done once a year when your accountant stops by to pick up your tax paperwork. It is ongoing, behind-the-scenes work that must be attended to throughout the life of your practice. This is in order for it to grow, run profitability and with minimal stress to you, the Dental CEO. It is the backbone of your business; it is that important!

  1. Select the right accountant: I’ll be frank—don’t pick an accountant because he’s your husband or she’s your neighbor’s daughter. Find and hire an accountant who is assertive and will assist you with actual management decisions. Look for someone who is proactive, makes suggestions and serves as a partner for you.
  2. Set the expectations: Discuss any related fees upfront. Also, put an agreement in writing that outlines the expectations – create a list of areas you want your accountant to advise and support you on. Are you confused on what to include? Ask: What are your most successful clients asking you to do?
  3. Build the relationships: Your accounting and financials are an intimate part of your business. Build a confidential, trusting relationship so that you can be up front about any concerns or issues.

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