3 of the Largest Mistakes We Dentists Make

by Dr. Ron Arndt

Most dentists are concerned with bringing more patients – being bigger, badder and better than the next guy. So was I. But I learned that there are 3 areas easily overlooked, when you are focused on marketing to new patients. Don’t make these mistakes:

1) Not paying attention to employees: What if your employees wrote down everything that they thought? This includes what they think about working for you, their Dental CEO; about how they feel about their job culture; and their dedication to your dental office. Does it make you cringe? If it does, take charge of re-defining and shaping your culture, by building trust with your employees. The rest – the patients – will follow.

2) Focusing on selling your dental services, rather than creating friendships: It’s been proven that it’s better to build friendships with prospective patients that you meet – at community events, for example, instead of telling them all about you and how you are so much better than the dentist they currently see. The friendship itself is the reward. They will remember how warm and sincere you are, and come to you when needing their next treatment.

3)      Not recognizing lifetime value of a patient: Have you calculated how much revenue a lifetime patient brings? How would that make a difference in how you treat, recognize, and follow-up with that patient? It costs more to market to and bring in a new patient than it does to give extra-special attention to an oldie, but goodie.

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